drive-by in Vlorë

Last year, when I deleted an old, immutable website and happily embraced PhotoShelter as my solo site, my blog also went the way of the buffalo.  Today, just as in the case of that large, meaty mammal, the blog is back! (and maybe you could even make a tasty burger out of it)

My inspiration for getting back on the bandwagon lies in the hearts of both post-Communist Albania and the talented artist/photographer/photojournalist Elizabeth M. Claffey. Liz is currently a Fulbright Fellow working on several photo projects in Tirana, Albania. I recently went to visit her, longing for a glimpse of her life there and seeking to learn about a place I admittedly knew little about. Both knowledge and inspiration flowed freely.

One of the best gifts of the trip came after I returned home. This image, which I made from the passenger seat as Liz was driving our rented Chevy Spark through Vlorë, revealed a fabulous treasure I hadn’t seen while shooting: the sign for the Jesus Christ bar and restaurant, complete with artist’s rendering of death on the cross.  Makes you hungry, right?

I hereby resurrect this blog, thankful for the inspiration of friends and the freedom I have to see the world and be challenged by it.

Albania, the buffalo and the blog


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